Akura Soda


Looking for the beauty in everyday life.

Thank you for stopping by Akura's website and Akurarobe online store. I am so thrilled that you have taken your time to visit my site. Thank you ! And I am so delighted to share the beautiful life with you.

I was born in Tokyo, the youngest of the three children, and grew up in a family where my parents , who have both studied abroad, are great "Art lovers." I was given opportunities to observe and touch the real artefacts, some of which decorated our home.

After spending years as an actress in the musical company called "Takarazuka", I decided to follow my dreams to be a designer by cultivating further my creativity and nourishing my inspiration through lots of experiences.

A lot of travelling and moving have helped me develop a keen eye for design, color and beauty of the form. I want to inspire others to see as well all the beautiful things around me that I cannot but fall in love with. I am passionate about all foms of design and fascinated by those who create them. I love the design process and being challenged by design dilemma.

It is a "journey" I love to pursue by finding and expressing what my life is.


Akura Soda












2016年 Akurarobeを立ち上げる。


曽田 あくら